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Vocabulary Graphic Organizers

One of my favorite things to do is to read! Books are such a fun way to travel into many worlds. No matter the age, books are wonderful, but it certainly helps when you understand the words in the book. As a child, the more I read, the more I picked up on new vocabulary words. There were times when I wasn't exactly sure of the definition of the certain words so being the kid I was who loved books, I went straight to the dictionary. Completely true! I've come up with a few graphic organizers to help students use when they are learning new words. You can use these in many ways but here's a few options.
1. While reading novels, students can enter in their words chosen by the teacher or pick their own.
2. While reading a nonfiction article, have students find words they are unfamiliar with and write them in.
3. While practicing reference skills, have students find specific words and then illustrate them.
4. While working on synonyms and antonyms, give students a list of words and have them use the Vocabulary 4 Square activity or the Puzzles.
5. While teaching about summarizing, have students use the Vocabulary Pictures to summarize their definitions.
And finally, these are a fun way to get students to be creative, especially when it comes to the illustrations!
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